Sunday, July 15, 2018

Talents Update [Day 134]

Day 134, finally have made the first set of talents and functional talent system

+Added - talent icon
+Added - yellow/general talents
+Added - yellow talent functionality ['XP%']
+Added - yellow talent functionality ['2XP']
+Added - xp gain value onto xp gain animation
*Fixed - standard xp add rng values ['50% -> 33%']
*Fxied - computer ui, exit button not exiting

Finally have made a functional talent based system with a couple perks, talent points, rng mechanics, and more. Currently, there are only 2 general talents for XP, one being an increase in the chance of gaining xp and the other giving a 50% chance of receiving two xp points. I have an idea of adding a talent that reduces stamina drain, but, I'll need to create a stamina system first.

The only thing not related to the talent system in this update is a fix to the computer ui, working only as a reset and not fully exiting the computer ui.

Now what I need to work on is "Hover UI", "Camera zoom", "Publish functionality", and "Money decay". Hover UI will be a bit tedious to add the feature to many parts of the project such as character, status icons, talents and whatever else. Camera zoom might be simple but I have no idea, publish functionality needs to come before I add money decay or else there is no way to counter the money decay.

Side note: Starting to use Trello a bit more, cleaning up some old stuff that has already been completed along with adding new stuff to work on soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Updates and Adjustments [Day 133]

Day 133, updates to Unity and Textmesh Pro along with adjusting many elements.

+Added - computer ui, refine functionality
+Added - user info ui, talents content

~Updated - unity 2018.1 -> 2018.2
~Updated - textmesh pro 1.2.2 -> 1.2.4
~Updated - user info ui, now shows xp to level up
~Updated - xp increase icon colors ['Code, Art, Design']
~Updated - character creator points text with color coordination
~Overhauled - character creator points system ['5 max, levels']
~Overhauled - all text
~Overhauled - overwrite notice
~Adjusted - setting menu ui size/placement
~Adjusted - xp gain animation
-Removed - old main menu assets
*Fixed - xp/time not resetting if creating a new character
*Fixed - character info ui return button only partially working

With this update, major setbacks came from updating Textmesh Pro with Unity's new package system but I felt I should get it out of the way sooner than later. This required me to remake all text in the project so there is potential content I have missed.

Additions have been made towards the character ui adding content in xp and talents, with xp now showing the amount of xp for each level. Talents have its beginning content with the number of spendable points which is determined by the character level and spent points.

Hopefully, in the next update, I can create a talents system with some actual content, I am thinking of creating selectable diamond icons for some RNG variations like increased chance of xp and chance of obtaining multiple xp points.

Unity, in 2018.2 has also released various improvements to their previewed VectorGraphics importer which likely means that sometime soon I will be swapping out all current graphics with this new system. Currently, I am using SVG Importer, which hasn't been updated since version 5.6 and has already required a bit of modification to fix character creator issues. However, with the new VectorGraphics system, not only is it going to be more reliable, it'll have dynamic tesselation for different resolutions and be treated as 2D graphics instead of SVG Importers mesh system allowing for potential animation improvements and more.

Monday, July 9, 2018

XP improvements [Day 132]

Day 132, made multiple additions to the current xp system

+Added - character levels
+Added - skill levels
~Updated - character info information
~Adjusted - 'in-game' time to be 33% slower
*Fixed - not being able to click next after project scrap
*Fixed - days not loading after game load
*Fixed - computer ui exit error in opening screen
*Fixed - 4 speeds not updating when exiting character info menu

This update brings levels to each experience variation along with a new main character level.
The current setup for the levels is an increase of 30% more xp per level along with the main character level being every 3 sub levels.

In-game time has been adjusted to not go by as fast with a 33% reduction in speed. Various issues have been fixed including a game-breaking one which happens when the user 'scraps' their project and the game crashing one where the user hits exit as soon as they open the computer ui.

This is progress towards the talent system I want to add in the short future. Likely for the first set of talents, there will be passives such as more likely to receive an xp point and chance to receive 2 xp points at the same time, etc...

I do want to add specific talents to Code, Art, Design that affect different game development choices and later rework the design stage adding a lot more content and mix/matches.

Side note: I will be camping for the next couple days so the project will lose progress for a while but hopefully when I get back I'll be refreshed to start grinding out development again.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Time patch [Day 131]

Day 131, added recorded time to each game

+Added - saved total 'in-game' time
+Added - 'in-game' time to hud
~Updated - hud asset for a time slot
~Adjusted - room colliders

With this update, I managed to create a system which tracks total in-game time along with it being represented within the HUD. The actual timing may need to be adjusted significantly, possibly lengthened. I want to make a decay system which charges the user money based on the beginning of a  new month.

Room colliders have been recreated to possibly prevent random clipping where the user can eventually move through the edge collider. 

Future changes are still focused on filling in the empty space with more assets and increasing detail of current ones. Along with adding improvement to the experience system such as levels and unlocks. Also improving many core UIs with sound and animation. Next list of functionality is hover UI, camera zoom, publish and refine functionality, and money decay.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Visual Additions and Fixes [Day 130]

Day 130, created visual asset within Illustrator and adjusted sorting script for game use.

+Added - nightstand object
+Added - objects to the room
~Updated - isometric sorting script
~Adjusted - anti-aliasing from 5 px to 4 px.
*Fixed - character being able to move while 'developing'
*Fixed - computer ui reset with 'f' in publish stage

From the new asset put into place I had to make adjustments for how it will interact with the player moving behind the objects. Such as moving behind the bed which would then render in front of the character but also in front of the nightstand. It's really just bandage in place until I can figure out a way to read how many children and object has and perhaps if an object is within another object's area.

Small adjustments have been made to the way AA works attempting to make a less blurry experience without having jaggys. Along with a couple bug fixes to the computer ui system.

I still have a decay system and time ui prioritized but managed to make a nightstand while playing in Adobe Illustrator.

Inspiration from playing other games lately has made me want to increase the quantity of space making more open playing areas and possible UI overhauls. However, I want to obtain core gameplay mechanics as fast as possible, get a time system and talent functionality in as soon as possible to increase player time. As it currently stands there really isn't a whole lot you can do as a player.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Gameplay and Rewrites [Day 129]

Day 129, reorganization of scripts, reduction of script lengths, and new scripts

+Added - publish stage 'refine' button
+Added - publish stage xp gain text
+Added - publish stage scrap functionality (+1 xp in each field)
+Added - publish stage specific script
+Added - sound effects to new extras menu
~Adjusted - publish stage content placement
~Overhauled - various scripts ['Stats, PointsDev, Deving']
-Removed - old assets

Progressing towards adding more gameplay functionality, specifically in the publish stage along with revising a lot of old code -- cleaning up a lot of functions. The publishing stage now contains information such as the character's xp prior to the current project along with the amount gained in the single project. 

With the discord Quality Assurance section I have my server, I have placed a list of prioritized development tasks on what to complete next. The upcoming tasks are to have a decay factor, tracked time and a loss of money for every specific amount of time. After that is adding more progression such as the talent functionality within the user info menu. This will require me to further expand the xp system to use levels and have unlock tokens for specific 'talents' which will likely only be greater RNG amounts.

I also want to develop more room assets such as a dresser, decoration, and more. This could be used in the future for possible world generation or alterations to the core room design. The decay system can also be used on the character for "stamina" allowing them to use the bed for recovery.

After the current priorities are complete I want to develop a Hover HUD for additional information and possible camera zoom in/out functionality bound to the scroll wheel.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Refinement and Rewrites [Day 128]

Day 128, refining some UI's along with rewriting old scripts

+Added - Shape SVG's
+Added - logo SVG's

~Reworked - main menus extras menu
~Overhauled - main menu script

The update may seem tiny in terms of changelog quantity, but these changes are pretty large in themselves. There was a lot of time placed in replacing the old extras menu and then rewriting the main menu script to be a lot cleaner then implementing it with the new extras menu.

This is not the final result of what I want the extras menu to be, this is just the first iteration of an idea to enrich the extras menu. Everything is to mostly fill in the emptiness of the project with a lot more visual assets, assets which I may be able to re-use in the future for more gameplay functionality. A lot of experimentation is what is holding the project's development back, there isn't a source of todo or ideas to pull, just a lot of designing.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Functionality and Art (pt. 2) [Day 127]

Day 127, fixes and some visual additions to the main area.

+Added - bed asset
+Added - wall outlet asset
~Adjusted - rug placement
~Adjusted - character placement
*Fixed - user info back button not resuming

Working on some of these assets such as the bed were a learning experience in themselves, progressing me to understand perspective and organic shape design more. The scene feels a lot less empty with more content and gives ideas on future designs and content. 

Also working on importing the bed asset with colliders I realized a mistake in one of my script which currently has a bandage over it and it involves adjusting children of parent of objects. 

Future assets I want to work on is some sort of light, nightstands, chest drawers, and a chair for the desk. I also have thoughts about creating specific scripts and functions to assets and future and adding some more detail to the desk.

Overall, it feels like a small update and I did spend a lot of time working slowly and less persistent than I wish but it is definitely a nice addition to the project. Hopefully, it'll translate into larger updates both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Functionality and Art [Day 126]

Day 126, a small patch but is a learning experience

+Added - computer ui back button functionality
+Added - rug asset
~Adjusted - computer ui option button placements

While making the back button functionality I spent a lot of time working on cleaning up the script a bit, re-organizing code, and remaking other parts. The actual script could probably use a few overhauls to some functions that would heavily decrease size along with afterthoughts being re-organized into more fitting positions. I also have plans on creating more dynamic systems later that would ultimately replace current static functions.

I also feel that the lack of visual assets is holding the project down a bit, I managed to make a rug before this update, but I was also working on a bed which I have plans to script functionality that related to the characters stamina bar. 

There is currently a bug with the user info UI's exit button which does not appear to resume time. Hopefully, I'll be able to fix this by the next update along with additional svg assets for a more pleasing experience. 

Major additions [Day 125]

Day 125, adding a lot of content for today

+Added - xp gain and functional progression
+Added - alert to exit button use & cancel option
+Added - tab button functionality to user info ui
+Added - user info ui content
~Adjusted - main menu load slot text
~Adjusted - pause menu saves/loads text
*Fixed - main menu load name multi-lines
*Fixed - load slot null error
*Fixed - pause menu cog opening user info instead of settings
-Removed - old ui script
-Removed - a couple xp types [sound, psych, art3d]

Post note: This blog post is a bit late, like a day late.

I finally got the first major update to allow for some kind of persistent progression. Right now it is only the ability to randomly increase character xp amounts but I have plans to further improve upon this model and allow for more functionality.

I'm still figuring out UI's but I needed some kind of visual feedback in-game to view xp gains which do save and load, they currently have no purpose but I plan on creating a level and talents system. Perhaps the talents system will allow of increased experience gains or greater RNG, but I also plan on adding content that gets locked behind a talent system.