Thursday, May 24, 2018

Nearing the end of Quarter (pt. 2) [Day 112]

Day 112, made some scripting additions and adjustments

~ Updated - computer ui resolution scaling
~ Updated - press 'f'/'esc' in devstage to minimize
~ Updated - press 'f'/'esc' to reset and not exit
* Fixed - progress continuing after cancel

A before and after look with the computer ui 4k scaling, much improved.

Other adjustments have been made under the hood with changes coming to the 'f'' and 'esc' hotkeys allowing for different actions to take place in different areas. When in the deving stage instead of canceling the project it'll more naturally minimize. Along with the Age screen of 'new project' / 'past project' creating an exit function and other screens working as a cancel, all except the plan stage because you may want to title your project with an 'f'' character.

Fixed include the project reset/cancel not actually resetting/canceling the project, the percentage will continue to go up. Pretty soon I'll update some features for the publish page along with content for the other tabs.

For more artistic and gameplay aesthetic, plans for more room design are coming, such as a bed and bookshelf, dresser, nightstand, etc...

The character design and creator is in need of a serious overhaul -- I hope to address this very soon.

Side note: School is sort of cooling off as I reach the end. I am very stressed with passing and getting in those random side graduation requirements that could potentially bite me the last second.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Nearing the end of Quarter [Day 111]

Day 111, back for a little bit of development from a few days off

~Reworked - Table asset

This new table is able to fit in with the new isometric redesign of 2:1 ratio instead of the old 100: 53.125 style. The monitor is actually still a bit off using the old style but one step at a time.

I'm currently looking into creating possible dynamic 2D shadows via scripts or potentially a 2D lighting asset package from the Unity asset store called '2DDL Pro' which appears to have plenty of interesting features that may create a much better aesthetic for the project and faster iterations on gameplay and art.

Side note: It's nearing the end of the quarter for school, I have to make sure I pass my classes and get in whatever graduation requirements I must -- or else I could run into issues preventing me from graduating high school. School is the only concern at the moment holding me back from working on the project, once summer comes I'll have plenty of time.

Side note plus: Polyphasic sleep got screwed up last weekend and am having difficulty recovering. Friends and family caused a bit of distraction from me being able to keep up with my REM sleep during the day.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Returning from slower school day (pt. 2) [Day 110]

Day 110, updated and improved art development

+Added - trim for window
~Updated - bedroom has a dark wall
~Updated - window is now its own asset

Again, with minor updates sadly, I really need to prioritize more development and get back to these daily updates. Adobe Illustrator has very annoying "smart guides" which only work in very specific situations.

I'm planning on updating the art assets and filling the empty environment with a lot more, keeping things separated allows for simpler iterations in environment design and the possibility for RNG room creation.

I do have plans on starting to learn Adobe's SDK and/or scripting library to make art asset creation much simpler. Adobe Illustrator is extremely un-optimal for isometric art having me required to use Windows sticky notes and calculator to get a vector to move a specific distance due to again the "Smart guides" only working some of the time.

Side note: Homework may be picking back up to the extreme making everything just that more difficult. I also have a bit of shopping to do for photography and clothing, along with high school graduation celebration expenses and shopping.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Returning from slower school day [Day 109]

Day 109, it's been a week and due to the tremendous amount of work from school this week.

+Added - SFX in Extra / Settings menu
+Added - Background to character Creator scene

The update was pretty minor for just only adding sound effects to the main menu and applying an image to the character creator canvas.

Currently, the priority of development is to add a very simple layer of gameplay, audio within everything, a more function settings menu, and UI redesigns. For the updated room aesthetic, I'll need to adjust assets such as the window -- adding trim. I also need to recreate the table -- computer asset to work with the new art design. 

Character design has to be recreated completely. The current system is not for isometric, is not animatable, and hardly contains assets for any customization. The new system would require 3 types of directions for each asset, side, up, and down. It will also have to be split up into a joint to joint area allowing for animation, such as walking, running, and sitting.

Side note: School has had so much work in the past week, with many assignments due in short timespans along with large quantities. However, it seems that the quarter may be slowing down for final testing and final assignments. Also, polyphasic sleep has kind of become a bit of a habit, I've been following it with ease, but sometimes I get distracted and am late for sleep.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Streamed Development (pt. 3) [Day 108]

Day 108, filling in my time gap with something productive

~Revamp - placeholder room has a new asset

The asset uses a new design process in Adobe Illustrator using a new isometric ratio of 100: 50 instead of 100 : 53.125. The new design has a recreated window, added color, baseboard, and fixed geometry. The room still needs work, such as texturing, and coloring, along with definition added to the windows. I may also plan on removing the window(s) and having them be their own assets as they are essentially decals to an already two dimension object.

Other aspects that I'll need to re-create is the table, having something with some color will be very nice along with the issue now being that the objects have different isometric aspect ratios.

Future updates will likely be updates to the character creator and character design, currently, the character isn't in an isometric design along with aspects preventing customization for future designs.

Side note: Streamed on Twitch for 3 hours, and my first day of polyphasic sleep.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Late night coding(pt. 2) [107]

Day 107, another last-minute development night, very minor

+Added - settings menu volume bar functionality

This was a simple setup, required some dot scrolling in Visual Studio along with some rewiring of scripts and worked perfectly. Next for the settings menu is to get a json file save so it can be edited externally along with reworks to the visual tabs code, switch some stuff to arrays, loops, and loading saved options.

I'm also concepting ideas for the keybindings menu, along with remaking some assets in-game such as the press "F" icon when near the computer, splitting it into two assets to allow for the custom keybinds to show on the icon. 

Side note: Thinking of changing my sleep schedule to obtain more time for productivity, potentially polyphasic sleep.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Late night coding [106]

Day 106, development which took place around 1 to 4 AM.

~Updated - pause menu consistency
~Updated - pause menu sorting order
~Tweaked - extras main menu promotion placement
*Fixed - random percentage start amounts
*Fixed - settings menu scrollbar offset

I fixed the progression timing by switching from time.time to using Time.deltatime, deltatime being the time that passed between frames. The issue with time.time is it tracks the start of the application opening and this caused issues with completion percentage. Now with delta time, I use two variables being "TimeAdd" and "TimeSave" and creating TimeSave equal to TimeSave += TimeAdd. This will allow me to allow multiple parts by being able to reset the TimeSave.

I also decided to make the exit options more consistent with the rest of the pause UI leaving only the alerts such as "overwrite" to need a revamp. I also want to make an alert for quitting to desktop asking if the user wants to Quit without saving.

After focusing on gameplay with the project a lot of techniques were learned, now when I look at the older code I realize simple ways to condense a lot of the project and creating much more dynamic systems. 

I also believe that without replacing the character assets and placeholder room the development is going to look very minor until those assets are completely overhauled. Having a textured and filled room will definitely add to the aesthetic of the project.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Streamed Development (pt. 2) [Day 105]

Day 105, made some more progress while broadcasting

+Added - hud percentage functionality
+Added - publish stage requirements
~Tweaked - splash screen icon
~Updated - Unity to 2018.1
~Updated - HUD numbers

#Organized - Categorized public variables in arrays
#Rewrite - Rewrote code to be more condensed and dynamic

With the release of Unity 2018.1 upon building the project, I noticed changes to the core game files which had me re-upload the files on itchio and google drive. I had also updated the splash screen by taking the Adobe Illustrator file used in the main menu and converting it into a PSD file within photoshop allowing for more consistency in design.

Another change I had committed was rewriting the HUD script. Previously this script was in an old concept version named "GraphicXp" which also contained values for the user info screen being very unorganized, static, and limited. I rewrote this script using arrays and lists to create a design that is much more condensed and dynamic, simple to add upon, along with the addition to the percentage value.

Other small changes are more development ones without gameplay impact, such as rewriting a chunk of the "Deving" script which controls the computer screen allowing me to organize Gameobjects and Buttons into dropdowns, simplifying the Unity viewport in development along with shrinking the amount of code in the script.

Side note: Stream was okay, not much in terms of views, cameras battery died once but I have multiple to switch between. May not have any progress tomorrow, homework is also kind of ridiculous still.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Streamed Development [Day 104]

Day 104, broadcasted development on Twitch before getting too hungry and going to Taco Bell

+Added - monitor animation
+Added - develop button (de)activation
+Added - toggled sprint movement

+Added - character freeze state when developing
+Added - minimize return hud button
+Added - computer ui minimize button
*Fixed - design stage not resetting
*Fixed - header text color turning white on reset

Quite a lovely change log to see showing a lot of development, this was mostly done in the 1.5 hour broadcast, but I also made some changes prior to the stream. I'm getting closer to having a playable state for the game and hope to gain feedback. 

Feedback from the broadcast seems to be mostly art related with the absence of animation and customizability, but I really want to get the first prototype of gameplay to have something for players to mess with.

Side note: The blogpost came out really late, I got pretty tired and slept a lot longer than expected. For broadcasting I received some new equipment to improve video quality an will be the greenscreen on Monday.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Short development(pt. 2) [Day 103]

Day 103, made some more developments in other areas

+Added - dev stage button animation content
+Added - plan / design stage text color changes
+Added - button hover sfx in main menu
+Added - button click sfx in main menu

Something I want to start learning for game development is instantiating, creating more dynamic systems and building UI with it, to create less static and copy/paste development.

For gameplay what I'm thinking about doing for the first prototype is make it similar to other tycoon games with the simplistic idle style. Essentially what I'll create is after the develop animation goes through, then a minimization animation will take place showing the character working on the computer with the option to pull up the development screen again. This seems like a good plan while I plan and develop other feature but at the same time have some level of playability to grow interest and receive feedback.

The main menu now has sounds for the basic menu, other things like settings menu, extras, and more do not have these sound effects at the moment. I'm also looking into other isometric character designs for inspiration and may redo the character creator screen soon along with other character menu changes.