Friday, January 19, 2018

Menu Designing [Day 22]

Day 22, with some progress made to the Main Menu it's really starting to look a lot nicer.

+Added Menu Graphic
+Added External links
~Updated power button animation
*Fixed Resolution Scaling [Still Ratio scaling issues]

This SVG image is assigned to the Panel.
The three external links will open your default browser to their scripted links.

All designs are placeholder and never the finished look. I'm just learning and practicing, improvements made by the day.

Future Plan:
•Add dialog text when hovering over buttons
•Improve upon the present UI graphics
•Add more animations and SVG graphics.
•Make a character creator
•Update Game with UI for "money" and "stats"

Thursday, January 18, 2018

UI Dev [Day 21]

Day 21, got the first UI animations working. First time using the Animator tool, a tool which allows multiple animations to play under certain conditions.

+Added Power Button Animation
+Add version number UI
+Added new fonts
~Update UI fonts

With the game being a tycoon design, my plans are to make a focus on UI elements and design.

I still need to finish the v2.0 saving/loading system

I need to create more vectorized art specifically for UI elements

I need to get a working prototype of the character creator system.

Once the character creator is made, I can use the parts to design animations.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Coding Challenge [Day 20]

Day 20, today was just a simple yet frustratingly simple improvement, but a development in my practice of the C# programming language and Unity3D scripting library.

*Fixed Load option in Main Menu

Now to finish the games saving and loading system I'll need to develop an always load players loading slots, then allow the user GUI to decide their saves and overwrites.

I still need to add some gameplay mechanics so that this isn't just a tech demo

I have plans on developing another scene for the character creator, which I'll need to create separate assets for, such as arms, heads, hairs, facial hairs, clothing, ect..

I need to create some more art assets to fill the game

I need to create a new world RNG system

and much much more..... I can't wait :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Big Progress [Day 19]

Day 19, today I created large strides forward

+Added Save Menu
+Added Load Menu
+Added Exit Menu
+Added Player direction change
+Added Player backside Mesh
~Upgraded Pause Menu interface
~Upgraded Main Menu design
*Fixed Saving and Loading Issues

Quite a bit of progress in programming was made today, with a simple backside placeholder.


  • Add a character creator scene
  • Add Gameplay functionality
  • Add Player statics system
  • Add a Settings Menu
  • Improve game aesthetics
  • Fix Main Menu load functionality
  • Fix Save/load slot system to be functional
  • Much much more.....

Monday, January 15, 2018

UI development [Day 18]

Day 18, working on some UI to test saving/loading features.

+Added UI images
+Added new fonts
~Updated Main Menu interface

Future plans for the main menu are to add more art assets such as a background image.
The cog shows the idea of adding a settings menu
The profile button is where I plan to show visual representation of achievements and stats

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Scripting Difficulties [Day 17]

Day 17, small but very difficult programming progress made.

+Added visual Experience
~Updated Save/Load system

After the past two days, I was finally able to get a script that modifies TextMesh Pro text, it took some assistance from the Unity Discord community.

I'm currently working on having a working save/load system, but now that I have scripted text UI, I can now test when it works or doesn't work.
I also need to add a new animation for [Press F] for when it is pressed.
I need to add more elements to the Main/Pause menu.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Unity Scripting [Day 16]

Day 16, I've been learning and working mostly with Unity C# scripting.

+Added Stats experience
+Added Games saves/loads
+Added Textfont Bree Serifs
~Improved Room, fixed window rendering issue
~Improved Main / Pause menu with a new font.

User Interface and saves/load testing are still under development. Right now I'm needing to figure out how to script changes to text mesh pro.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Improving Isometric [Day 15]

Day 15, Improving and adding new assets

+Added [Press F] Icon
+Added [Press F] Animation
~Improved [Pause Menu] with common art theme
~Improved [Table hitboxes]
~Improved [Room] with more art definition
~Improved [Table] with optimizations & proportion changes

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Unity 2D Development [Day 14]

Day 14, Slow but productive day

+Added exported build
+Added exe icon
+Added interactivity script

Building brought a bunch of errors which prevented it from exporting anything, I was able to finally fix this by selecting all Assets and "reimport"ing them.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Isometric Growth [Day 13]

Wednesday, day 13, has made some more progress.

~Upgraded Monitor to computer asset
*Fixed child pairing not changing layer order with parent.
*Tweaked hitboxes for table

Upgrade to the computer asset, adding keyboard and mouse art.
A script for creating interactivity is currently under design.
Character directional changes are soon to be made.
Placeholder room asset has modification underway.
Character order grouping for character designs underway.