Thursday, March 15, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 8) [Day 72]

Day 72, somewhat productive, will be MIA next weekend.

+Added Concept A - Settings menu

The first thing to note about the current settings menu, it's coming from nothing, there is no placeholder for it so this would be its first version and its own placeholder. Something that I was taking into consideration with the settings menu is that there would basically be two versions, one in the main menu and one ingame. This one is designed with the intent to work with both but this one has the main menu background.

I'm also unsure about how many graphical options I will have and will likely need to learn playerprefs so graphical settings can be changed without launching the game at all, in case of whatever reason. Currently, the only ideas for graphical settings would be resolution and aspect ratio.
However, it does have me thinking of the other potentials such as framerate locks, possible shaders, particles, and subjective options.

For the sound I do want to have subjective options, meaning the player can use different audio the game has for what they believe would be much more fitting.

Side note: I won't be home over the weekend and will be with family using my camera, therefore I won't be making posts until around Monday or Tuesday.

UI/UX design (pt. 7) [Day 71]

Day 71, slow, but got something done at least.

~Updated Concept A - More HUD information
~Updated Concept A - More Character Creator UI functionality

These updates are to give the player more information through simplicity and also allowing for future proofing UI. 

I believe concept A for the HUD is at a good spot, I now need to work in other concepts that take inspiration from other titles and one I've been looking into the HUD for Saints Row, which means the use of circles over the cubic square design. 

Concept A for the Character creator needs to the heavy background and UI changes, for one there is a lot of blank space, everything is inside a dialog box that isn't being used for dialog. Next would be to change the return and next arrows into anything else, there for one in bad spots, and secondly not the best for the character creator.

Concept A board expansions will be the Settings menu, Gameplay menus, character info menus, and main menu extras option.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 6) [Day 70]

Day 70, more productive than recently, UI and investments.

+Added - SoundFX and ambient music
+Concept - Concept A created for the Main menu

Just like this set of UI, I take heavy inspiration from pre-existing examples. From this, I took heavy inspiration from Skyrim and Portal 2's main menu, whilst looking at more online titles like Dota 2, Rust, Siege, For Honor and I want to add more things such as a changelog, update feed, ect..

 I'm actually liking the simplistic nature of this main menu concept and will probably think about adding animation to make it more stylized such as a smoke or fog particle to give it atmosphere and detail along with possible text animation on the monitor.

Under the "Extras" button I'd place things such as credits, version #, and other extra info, perhaps social media n' stuff.

Here is me importing a ton of soundFX and ambient music I had purchased from the Unity asset store. This is a start as I am completely inexperienced with Foley, SFX, and music, this is something that in the future when I want more original sounds I'd hire a sound artist for that, if not, commission one. I think I will also add options in the settings such as what ambient music to play as it is subjective for what may be best.

Soon I'll be arranging for feedback on Concept A, polishing the concept and perhaps moving onto concept B for the HUD and other things. Concept A for the character creator is missing aspects such as a scroll bar along with unnecessary background box which should be replaced by something similar to the main menu.

UI/UX design (pt. 5) [Day 69]

Day 69, it has been a bit more productive, still being sidetracked.

+Concept A - Pause menu

This is a pause menu that I'm taking inspiration from Cities Skylines with the three top buttons. Because of the amount of extra space remaining I made the settings and exit button very large.

Then with the remaining space, I decided to put a version number to which I want to experiment with new values instead of day # as I have in the main menu. That value isn't the best due to version number changes without any actual differences between these.

I also want to experiment with fonts for any possible copyright or legal issues, I want to play it safe for things I don't fully understand and minimize risks for my financial future.

Later I want to create a concept for the settings menu, changes to the main menu, and create gameplay concepts. I would also like to live stream these but I'm more worried about the closing end of the quarter for college, got to make sure I pass all my classes.

Monday, March 12, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 4) [Day 68]

Day 68, Did some more concept A designing.

+Added concept A - for Character Creator

I have a generic UI idea for the character creator screen in upcoming versions but one major thing I want to overhaul is the background for it, space is taken up, and the buttons.

I'm also thinking about adding more customization for the head such as eyes, eyebrows, mouths, etc.
There are plenty of changes that need to be made with the character creator to make it a better experience but it's not of the highest priority right now.

I want to create changes to the character info screen, main menu, and computer screen.
I also want to develop concepts for the first versions of the settings menu and player menu.

Fewer pictures changes I want to make are with adding animations to the UI, creating animated shaders such as fog like the design similar to the data 2 main menu.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 3) [Day 67]

Day 67, continued development concepts of UI/UX

~~Added artboards

I currently am just working on creating the first concept "Concept A" for all the artboards. Concepts for all UI, which I believe to be a great improvement to the current HUD design, but this won't be the only shared idea, more to come later.

I also want to recreate the isometric assets with a more divisible ratio as the current isometric ratios are 53.125 to 100. I'd like to update these to something more reasonable such as 50 : 100 ratio. I would also like to recreate the placeholder gray room with textured vectors and more depth. 

With the character creator, I'm thinking of going with a design more like Metal Gear Survive where you click on the body part and are presented with a series of customizable options.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

[Day 65] + Dev-Management(pt. 6) [Day 66]

Day 65, no progress was made due to technical difficulties with my monitor, the screen wasn't receiving signal which I later fixed by switching from Display Port to a DVI port.

Day 66, Another dev-management day.

This is the current setup, there are still plenty of improvements I want to make that will require me to shop at IKEA. Such as a new dresser, a shelf above the monitors, rugs, all kinds of stuff.

Pictures are taken with the newly acquired Sony a6500. I plan on doing some photography with this camera, taking a photography class next quarter. Also possible projects with family members that want to create their own types of media. Along with this, there is potential for me to create video updates on development, updates on the dev management and more.

Now in the project what I need to accomplish right now is to a concept and plan out UI while it's simple. Simple in terms of photoshopping the concepts, there is no programming I need to do to create that. Everything I am working on is a learning experience, I want to invest more time in this project to create something unique, loved, inspiring, all at a low scope. I want this to be a product that I find myself wanting before anything else.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 2) [Day 65]

Day 65, very stressful day with other responsibilities, but some progress in the least

~~Added Concept - concept A in photoshop for HUD

With this concept I took some insperation from Rust with the bottom right, instead of survival information I plaeced values such as Fans, money, and project completion. 

Next there is added information for the character, I had created this for intensions of progression such as the ability for the player to hire NPC's or perhaps other ideas that involve NPC's. Then there is the colored bar below the character, I want this to be an energy meter and create some kind of system that requires the character to need sleep and perhaps other systems.

I am design the photoshop file with the intension to have various concepts to keep innovating the design and gameplay. Something I need  to do is create boards in Photoshop so I can multiple scenes for seperate menus, but right now I'm focusing on the HUD.

I plan on having more HUD concepts along with expanding concepts to other menus.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Dev-Management(pt. 6) [Day 64]

Day 64, limited development, some progress.

More workspace upgrades came in today, I had set up the whiteboard and have already begun to use it for todo lists, other things I need to prioritize, and more.

I'm planning out UI changes to the game project and will be possibly Unity asset store shopping for background music and sound effects for good placeholders.

The main menu is in need of updates and added functionality, there is no settings menu at the moment. I will need to add more UI elements to other menus such as the pause menu, computer menu, and character info.

Monday, March 5, 2018

UI/UX design [Day 63]

Day 63, more of a planning day than an action one

~Updated -  Dev boart part 2

Not much, but it's a change. It's a bit difficult making gameplay mechanics without doing a lot of UI practice as the type of game is heavy UI reliant.

I'm looking into Microsoft fluent design system for inspiration along with many games I've played in the past. This is something that will likely need refining forever and constant adaptation to trends but it needs to be done.

Tonight and tomorrow I'll likely be working purely in adobe illustrator to concept UI/UX design and possibly sharing the idea through my Discord as well as the  Unity Discord, possibly even stream the process on TwitchTV. 

Animations are something I'll need to develop more of as there is just flashing light ones. The current UI is also heavily lacking color which I'm hoping to research UI/UX design theories, such as the flat design for the web.