Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Update with tycoon game

I have gone int Unreal Engine 4 and put in my 3d model finding a few things that need fixing such as one of the models faces are missing on the bottom. Also the UV unwrapping I don't exactly know how to do because I plan to have 3 textures on the monitor.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

1st 3d model ready for textures :)

Here is a computer monitor for the tycoon game :)
1st of many

Blog on possible game

I have a serve for those who may want to get their idea out there or want a good tycoon game.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

No pic today

Today I didn't really draw something but I did try out a lot of brushes and found a few interesting tools in Photoshop.

I'm working toward increasing my productivity. This is one way ^

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

sphere v2

Here is my second sphere I've been practicing upon.

This second sphere contains a lot more blender with smoother color transformations achieved by using very low hardness and using the alt button a lot. I plan on making it more round and practicing with different angles.

attention to the blog

Being it is spring break I'll probably be posting almost daily. I felt like last month didn't get much attention from me as I only had 4 posts.

The length of posts have been very short after all this is a blog so I'll probably start making posts with a lot more text, but it's also more than just a blog to me as it's something I can use to show people, like a resume for a career in the game industry, just like a portfolio. Although it's portfolio mixed with a blog, I find this most efficient as it shows dedication and progression to my projects and myself.

I hope to get more people to view this blog and to leave feedback because this is by blogspot which I believe is owned by google so you can comment. I am highly open to feedback so I can keep on improving and becoming more professional at what I do and want to become.

Progression increase

After learning more with colors in photoshop and in general I will be making progress with a lot of brushing, I can't wait to see what I will be able to create. Watching a few tutorials on youtube and seeing how everything is coming to me much simplistic I am feeling really confident about this. I a person that wants to develop games, I am fighting what is holding me back, I am communicating, and I am progressing.

What my plans are in the game industry is very unkown at this point as so far I am dedicating myself to one thing until I get enough confidence with it. I was doing 3D modeling and I feel as I know enough with blender that I should start learning drawing to better my brain and creativity. Also I am learning digital art to make concepts for 3D models and improve my 3D modeling skills. At the moment I plan on getting involved with every part that is in game development.

confidence levels
+ = good, * =  unknown, - = bad, -+= meh/okay

3D modeling = ++
concept art  = +
audio = *
Unreal Engine 4 = -+
UE4 blueprints = -+
texture = --

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Learning to draw

From yesterday to Today I feel like I made a lot of progress.
From:                                                                                                    To: