Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Progression increase

After learning more with colors in photoshop and in general I will be making progress with a lot of brushing, I can't wait to see what I will be able to create. Watching a few tutorials on youtube and seeing how everything is coming to me much simplistic I am feeling really confident about this. I a person that wants to develop games, I am fighting what is holding me back, I am communicating, and I am progressing.

What my plans are in the game industry is very unkown at this point as so far I am dedicating myself to one thing until I get enough confidence with it. I was doing 3D modeling and I feel as I know enough with blender that I should start learning drawing to better my brain and creativity. Also I am learning digital art to make concepts for 3D models and improve my 3D modeling skills. At the moment I plan on getting involved with every part that is in game development.

confidence levels
+ = good, * =  unknown, - = bad, -+= meh/okay

3D modeling = ++
concept art  = +
audio = *
Unreal Engine 4 = -+
UE4 blueprints = -+
texture = --