Sunday, May 31, 2015

5/31/15 Update on game dev

Today I learned
•UE4 | grid snapping with "end" key
•UE4 | camera move with object with "shift" key
•General | Everything is hard ;(

Today I did
•Steam | Edited some of the todo things
•Blender | Created corner wall and textured it
•Blender | Textured and imported the basic wall
•Blender | decreased the basic_wall size
•Blender | Began working on a pistol
•UE4 | Created a new project and re-imported everything
•UE4 | Removed the first person Blue arms and gun.

Tomorrow I probably will
•Watch tutorials on UE4
•Watch tutorial on making guns in Blender
•Rage @ things not working the way I want
•Wish I wasn't at school -_- *I hate school*

My Goals so far are
•Finish the pistol
•Learn some more UE4
•Learn more of Blender *Yes, after 7 months*
•Twitch stream daily and gain at least one follower per day
•Post a blog post daily
•Learn to speak Korean(한국어)