Friday, June 26, 2015


So I have been really practicing sketching and painting in photoshop and not the insane way which is doing the same thing over and over. Photoshop is a very powerful tool and with digital art there are many benefits I see to learning than to traditional for example erasing and the layer system. Through downloading photoshop brushes, many photoshop brushes, brush tool, smudge tool, different images for concept and examples ect... for the last few days I have come up with this sketch.
This is something I hope to get better at and do it in a sane way which means if something is working then try something else. As someone who is really trying to achieve goals as quickly as possible I am trying to achieve the goal of becoming a powerful game developer who can complete any task in any field.

Right now I am working on drawing with my graphics tablet so I can create concept art to better my 3D modeling and also for my creative side in graphics. I always have many graphics I in vision of creating or having but do to the skills I've never exercised I am really pushing forward in digital drawing/painting so I can create many of these in visioned ideas.

Leveling up a skill in IRL is when you break through the point of giving up.
~EX: When your working toward beginning or improving a skill that you have/don't have and you feel like giving up where others would too and you continue rather then giving up is when you truly improved / leveled up your skill.