Wednesday, August 5, 2015

external render engines for blender

So today I tried out external render engines in blender and results weren't as I had hoped, sadly :(

There were a few I couldn't figure out how to get working such as aqsis and POV-ray. yafaray doesn't show you what it is doing, and mitsuba doesn't seem to like zooming out or using the camera in blender, the only quality render engine I saw was LuxRender and even that had some annoyances like the amount of render modes in which some were openCL support but most weren't.

I looked for more options in creating quality animations without the massive render time but I couldn't find any. I have read from blender news sites that cycles may reduce render time by 25% in upcomming updates.

Now after doing my research I'll plan on looking more into adobe programs and creating things within those such as photoshop and after effects. But I can see how rendering is a tool that consists of a lot of math but if careful in photoshop you can make that same image it's just something to learn. In the end they're both images made of pixels(bitmaps).