Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Practiced drawing

so school, started... my birthday passed... and I find new surprises everyday.

Today I tried out my new graphics tablet and decided to practice some drawing. After about an hour trying to make a head I decided to find specific tutorials with in deviantart, one of which I found pretty cool :D THIS!

I have made creating concept art a goal of mine as I find it useful in many ways. One of which is having concept art can really give another person a better view of your ideas, for example if you were to have a game idea of some sort, showing some concept of what it might look like would be much better than if you were to just describe it as the person listening would probably have something else in mind. Two, 3D modelers tend to use concept for their 3D models and that is exactly what concept art can do. Three, having the ability to create art from sketch or paint of something and making it turn out how you envision or somewhat of how you did can really help develop your creativity and make you more confident about how your able to make something they way it was in your head.