Sunday, November 29, 2015

Update for the nearing end of November

Currently working on a animation for Unreal Engine 4 cinematic to use on my stream. The logo needs some new UV maps and I'm currently working on a twitchTV flag with apex cloth simulation.

I have also installed Maya 2016 student edition and began learning many of it's function along with Nvidia PhysX plugin. Figuring out many of the hotkeys such as "ctrl + E" for extrude and "F7 - F12" for the selection options. Also confused on how long the program can take to close

Also learned the base Nvidia Apex tool for if I wanted to make an apex simulation with a model I've created in Blender. However I have recently figured out I need to create a skeleton for the Nvidia Apex cloth simulation.

Texturing: In substance designer and substance painter if I want to use 2 UV maps or 2 different textures I must create 2 different materials one for each object or else each object will share the same texture.