Sunday, September 4, 2016

Unity Project, 3D-Coat, C#, & School

With the way my progress has been with C# programming I've decided to install Unity 5 and planned on creating a project.

With the Unity 5 project, I began to learn 3D-coat with my copy on steam to create player models. So far progress has been getting to know the tools, but not any workflow. So I'm unsure what I should be doing to develop a base model to sculpt in 3D-coat.

Along with C# programming, I'm continuing to expand my knowledge of the high level language before I go to something lower lever such as C++. Know people say a lot of negative things towards Windows Forms I think it's safe to learn WPF for creating GUI(Graphic User Interface)

 Then with school year starting off, this year I am in a class called Animation at a Skill Center school, as what we're doing is so far drawing in photoshop. So I am now also getting my fair share of practice with digital illustration.