Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Slow-Development (pt. 3) [Day 58]

Day 58, stressful, distractive, and semi-productive day.

+Added - Character UI xp tabs
~Updated - Character UI sizes and wording
~Updated - HUD UI orientation

Been a stressful day with a lot of family issues and responsibilities, distractive with going out, but I got some stuff done including some UI/code for the game.

 I'm hoping when a lot of this family stuff blows over and school starts slowing down for the end of the quarter that I'll make great leaps in the game dev. I still want to make core UI changes, learn advanced unity tools such as shaders, along with simple C# programming stuff such as arrays, lists, and dictionaries.

The project still has a long way to go with a lot of core gameplay mechanics missing, no settings menu, very placeholder UI and art, and much much more.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Character Creator (pt. 3) [Day 57]

Day 57, made some progress on the character creator and UI.

+Added - Tab menu UI xp.
~Updated - Creator points to function character stats

Now that this is complete I can work on other things, possible upgrade the UI design to something nicer, work on a settings menu, ect..

I really need to get some gameplay elements in though, such as what the XP system will do and how it'll affect gameplay.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Character Creation (pt. 2) [Day 56]

Day 56, made some more progress on the rest of the character creator.

+Added - Character creator point system
+Added - UI slider system
~Updated - Character creator in-game script

Basically completed UI necessary functionality for the point system, got a bit of experience with sliders too. Hitting the point max could be more seamless, it's only half there, but it works as intended just not as nice.

The next thing to do is combine the chosen points with an experience system and to brainstorm an XP/level system. Then I'll need to create gameplay with the project menus.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dev Struggle [Day 55]

Day 55, spent several hours working on fixing the character creator loading issue. Twitch viewer oliver1803 fixed the issue which had to do with the tool I was using.

*Fixed - Character creator loading.

The issue I spent several hours trying to wrap my head around turned out to not be on my part but with SVG Importer, I tool I got off of Unity's Asset store in order to use SVGs within Unity3D. 
 I decided to share the experience on TwitchTV and to my luck, a viewer from the U.K. joined and was able to figure out the issue quite quickly. 

Now with this issue finally fixed it's time to work towards other aspects of development. :D

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Character Creator Difficulties (pt. 6) [Day 54]

Day 54, making more progress with saving/loading the character creator assets

+Added - custom shirt backsides
~Updated - two shirts
~Updated - loading script
*Fixed - loading custom character from in-game

The top is before and the bottom is after. I fixed the shadows on these shirts as they were off a bit.
 The current issue has to do with loading the shirt backsides at all, they seem to only work after some time, but it's an extremely odd bug, I had 4/5 load just fine, then once I fixed one thing all of them quit.

Anyways, I'll need to finish up the character creator and then get to making some gameplay menus and have past project titles in the TAB menu.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Character Creation [Day 53]

Day  53, FINALLY! Functional character creator thanks to

+Added - Character Creation system
+Added - Two new shirts

I was finally able to create one line of code to do exactly what I wanted, it wasn't until several hours of testing and frustration that upon assistance from a Twitch streamer, streaming in the creative section that I was able to get a working system around 2 AM.

Next, I will need to add a load of new assets and heavily build up the quantity of character customization. I'll need to finish the system to work with the character backside and tweak the sizes of each part.

I've only noticed a bug that I'll have to look into later, the GPU in the exe build will nearly max out.

Now with this system finally being functional I can start focusing on refining it and work on other systems such as gameplay.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Slow-Development (pt. 2) [Day 52]

Day 52, break from the Character Creator so I can make actually development progress.

+Added - Character name & Company name to tab menu
~Updated - HUD
~Updated - Return/Save menu auto return now
*Fixed - Return button bug on tab menu

It was a nice little development to not struggle without something I can't seem to find any resources on. hopefully, soon I can get assistance on how to make the character creator and get that out of the way, but in the meantime, I think I'll focus on other parts of development so that I have progress.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Character Creator Difficulties (pt. 5) [Day 51]

Day 51, the 5th part in make no progress, not due to laziness, but the terrible amount of resources for learning some of the simplest things. Frustrating!

Question of Unity Answers  

Several hours through multiple days of pure guesswork. I've tried looking up "Unity 2D character creator" on YouTube to find things such as "Character rigging". I've found several useless models for importing models that seem to only work in static situations of cloning prefabs. I've tried to google a plethora of search terms to find nothing useful. I've been reaching out on the community discord for assistance and didn't get much from there.

I'm honestly stumped right now, to the point where I don't even know where to begin, what to search, or what to do, just to keep doing the best I can and power through it.

Perhaps I need to focus on other points of the project, such as the user interface, I'm honestly sick of getting nowhere with this character creator, and much more frustrating is how simple the tasks are that I want to be able to do. It will really on take a few lines of code to just have the simple concept of how to do such as simple task, yet I can't find any resources on something practiced on so many games.

Perhaps I need to start working on my own teaching/learning resources as I find so many out there to useless in terms of quality or content. So many YouTube video with absolute terrible audio and sometimes video quality, so many outdated tutorials, Javascript, and useless concepts. This has become the new Console.clear() in the Unity3D sense.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Character Creator Difficulties (pt. 4) [Day 50]

 Day 50, spending a lot of time being frusturated over the character creator.

+Added  character creator asset backsides
~Updated character creator placeholders

I've been spending the last two hours not really getting anywhere, I'm so stumped on this I can't even figure out what I should be searching. I'm looking into numerious videos that might need the same effect of what I'm looking for and I'm making no progress.

What I know is there is Instantiating Prefabs, Object pooling, and Resource manager.
From what I've seen and know so far both Instantiating Prefabs, and Object pooling are used for duplicated objects, pooling being an optomized version which recycles objects.

I'm back from vacation and ready to make more progress on the project. I'll also need to focus on my schooling, fitness, and family stuff, but I hope to make great leaps in the coming weeks.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Minor-Quality Assurance [Day 49]

Day 49, worked on ironing out a few things to meet the daily progress agenda

*Fixed loadslot names not saving unless overwrite was called.
*Fixed load/save slot names only changing on awake.

A lot of times I tend to put things on the backburner for the project such as these two bugs which have been here for a bit. Same for the character creator I only made half of it before working on other things, I'm kind of sporadic, but I find it more of solving a puzzle of a blurry, washed out image, your just piecing the border here and there every once in a while and sometimes you find another connection for a previous piece.

Now, this is my last update before my weekend absence. I will not be able to create progress until I return Sunday night to which I may not be able to have an update until the following day.

I will try and see what information I can learn about dynamically importing things into the hierarchy such and pulling information from files. Also, I may be able to work on preparing for some more dev-management such as shopping for products to improve my workstation, perhaps a whiteboard to hold simple brainstorms. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Slow-Development [Day 48]

Day 48, slow development and sidetracking, but progress.

+Added Character Info menu

I'm only going to be making small amounts of progress before the weekend to which I won't have access to a computer to continue progress. The character creator has some aspects that will require some time to even understand what exactly to be doing.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Character Creator Difficulties (pt. 3) [Day 47]

Day 47, some progress with the slow week

+Added functionality to external buttons on the main menu
~Rewritten external button part of the script.

The character creator is a challenging task and requires me to learn some very new systems that I have absolutely no experience on, such as resource loading, or project folder loading.

It's such as the new concept that I'm not really sure what to be searching for online, but I found stuff about resource folders so maybe I'm on to something. We'll have to see in the future.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Character Creator Difficulties (pt. 2) [Day 46]

Day 46, weekend break coming soon, working a tad bit more on the character creator for today.

~Updated naming of all character creator menus.
*Fixed returning to the naming screen.
*Fixed returning from the skill point screen.

I'm expecting to not have a whole lot of focus on the project for the next week or so, along with that I'll be gone with family over the weekend and will not be making any progress on the project until my return.

Really for what is next in development is to create a mask view of character objects, save character info to integers in stats, and make a slider system for experience in the point menu to allow each and every game to have somewhat different beginnings.

This character creator is going to be tricky because there are many ways to tackle such as system and all I'm too unfamiliar with.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Character Creator Development [Day 45]

Day 45, making progress programming the UI for the upcoming Character Creator.

+Added Character creator submenus
+Added Character creator functionality
+Added Character develop menu

Tomorrow I'll have to get the specific character designs to be selectable and viewable from the character creator menu.

Once I have the first version of the character creator complete I'll begin to work more in gameplay, it's just that the current design utilizes the character creator options for starting gameplay.

Dev-Management(pt. 4) [Day 44]

Day 44, slow - but external progress

~~NAS setup
~~Unity transferred

I finally got the NAS completely setup to be able to flawlessly read and write to it from my computer.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be in the position to make substantial progress in-engine.

For now I'm dealing with some schooling and a lot of family-home stuff.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Character Creator Difficulties [Day 43]

Day 43, I finally got my PC completely fixed, and starting to get back into deving.

Reinstalled windows, messed with ram, replaced PCIe cable and it worked. I don't have any issues now.

I'm working on the Character Creator from the last time I made progress and it's a bit difficult to set up. The tutorials aren't quite what I'm looking for so I guess I'll have to power through this.

I'll likely get something done by tomorrow.

I also want to note that soon here, I won't have access to a computer capable of making progress on the project so there will be a few days of absence. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Dev-Management(pt. 3) [Day 42]

Day 42, Finishing PC setup (Windows update issues) & Setting up NAS

Almost a day ago I upgraded a bunch of PC parts (CPU, RAM, SSD, and Case) which I also re-installed windows because of the new NVMe SSD and now I'm having two issues, windows update error codes and random loss of signal to displays.

I also received my NAS today in which I went through the setup process with my two HDD which are running in RAID 1 to ensure my data is secure from possible Hard Drive failures.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dev-Management(pt. 2) [Day 41]

Day 41, another part of dev management, yeah that means no progress today in Unity.

What I had progressed however in my current PC build installing a new CPU, motherboard, RAM, SSD, and case. It's still not fully complete as I have to make more wiring connections and doing a whole, not of system updates along with reinstall a lot of applications including Unity, which I have brought the Unity save into Google docs to get back to working ASAP.

Tomorrow I'll likely have some content and images to share, but currently, it's just hardware maintenance so I can't really show anything.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Character Creation [Day 40]

Day 40, working on finalizing the character creator for key early gameplay design.

+Added Character Development in Creation process
+Added sub-creation menus
*Fixed selector buttons not working

Outside of Unity project development was workstation optimization, where I had committed to cable management, keeping everything tidy and sleek.
Tomorrow, I'm getting some PC upgrades so I'll be putting that together, reinstalling windows 10, and more.

I'll need to learn how to use more UI elements, right now I currently need to learn to use scroll views and scrollbars.

I believe for the character creator I'll have to learn to use buttons which form inside a mask so I can make a system that can cycle through all the options.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Game design tinkering [Day 39]

Day 39, somewhat productive

+Added slide bar
+Added CharacterInfo script
+Added TAB icon
*Fixed pick selections not going to menu

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit lazy today playing BDO.

I'm actually planning on working on the character creator again tomorrow.

I'll need to really plan how I want the gameplay to play out and I'll need to learn how to use scrollbars and large scrollable menus.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Pre-gameplay development(pt. 5) [Day 38]

Day 38, I was a bit lazy today but I managed to get something done.

+Added player project title dynamic saves
      "This means that it'll continuously save all titles the player makes"
~Fixed saving bug

Now for the next step, I'll have to finish the player interactive gameplay menus and arrange the dynamic save list accordingly.

I'll also need to complete the character creator and save the character build in the player saves as well.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Dev-Management [Day 37]

Day 37, Not much done in terms of direct Unity game development, but quite a bit in terms of security for project development and a soon to be a learning experience.

~~Nothing is software development

I had recently purchased a NAS, computer upgrades, and some setup improvements.

The NAS is planned to be used in RAID 1, a RAID which mirrors data across both drives. Which I plan to use for my game development project and source files such as Photoshop, Illustrator, scripts, and of course the Unity project itself.

Now that shopping is done I'll probably get back to development tomorrow for a traditional blog post.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Pre-gameplay development(pt. 4) [Day 36]

Day 36, I'm studying more in advanced/general programming with dynamic list creation.

+Added Next button in Dev Menu
+Added Pick options doing something
~Upgraded Dev Menu interactivity

I didn't put much time into game development today, but at least I got something done, outside of development I'm committing to some PC / workstation upgrades with new hardware and case coming soon. I plan on this dramatically improving CPU performance which took a hit from security flaw bandaging. Along with this is a strong improvement to RAM for video creation, and new SSD for more application and less HDD dependency.

With lists, I'll need to learn to communicate these between classes and how to serialize them in game saves.

I'll also need to create and learn a lot more GUI for gameplay functionality such as a slider system

Finish up the character creator, create a settings menu that saves, add audio, and much more...

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Pre-gameplay development(pt. 3) [Day 35]

 Day 35, my random symptoms have now gone away, I think and hope my cold is finally gone.

Similar to when I was originally coming up with a mindset for UI design, I'm now trying to develop the look and feel of gameplay. I don't have any specific plan for how everything is going to play out, but it going to require me to learn some new programming techniques that I haven't used prior.

Current coding and gameobject hierarchy, I'm learning to not need a function per button because that would just lead to way too many buttons.  

Current placeholder Dev menus for project picker and compatibility.

I'll need to look into creating lists of strings that can be almost limitless to hold the users' projects.

I'll also probably learn to use bool lists instead of making a bunch of bools false in the stats script.

I'm already getting similar feeling development early gameplay as I did while in the early development stages of UI and I think I'll have to figure out what exactly I'm trying to make and achieve.