Friday, March 30, 2018

UI/UX Development (pt. 5) [Day 82]

Day 81, A few changes, additions, tweaks, and fixes today.

+Added - Resolution options
+Added - UI Assets
+Added - Continue button functionality
+Added - Percentage placeholder text
~Overhauled - HUD UI
~Tweaked - Player movement
*Fixed - Anti-aliasing in game.

Definitely made some progress today, got the new HUD which may be tweaked for different sizes. Time options will still need to be added along with other gameplay indicators, once gameplay features are implemented.

Late after having resolution issues with a system Brackeys had presented in his tutorial for settings menus I ended up going with a switch and case system for now to have something functional.

For gameplay design, I updated the concept for the computer and have been working on writing a playthrough idea to really cone in on the vision of the game and figure out what exactly I'm trying to make. I have a lot of general and plain concepts of features I want the game to have but in terms of a beginning and UI/UX design, I didn't have much.

Future revisions I want to make as soon as possible are recreations of art assets, I want to replace the placeholder room with Vector art that has color and textures such as the walls and floors. I also want to create more assets to make it more "roomy" it's very barebones and plain at the moment as I struggle with the technical side of game development.

Side note: I streamed my development process again on TwitchTV today along with being able to fix streamlabs OBS audio issue which had to do with the checked tracks.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Settings Development [Day 81]

Day 81, painfully long for little progress, these resolutions are being complicated.

+Added - functional resolution changes

The first image is how the resolution system should work as taken from the Unity editor. The second image is when the application is built, it for some reason displays the same resolution 5 to 7 times. I was taking advice from a brackets video but I think I'll keep some of what I learned and scrap the idea of this list as I want to create an option for different aspect ratios.

I'm going to continue working on these features, hopefully, I'll manage something to be completed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

UI/UX Development (pt. 4) [Day 80]

Day 80, streamed gamedev again, cut short sadly.

+Added - Vsync settings option (unfunctional)
+Added - Settings menu script
+Added - checkbox toggling/untoggling functionality

Note, none of these settings aren't actually functional at this time, even the apply button just disables the settings menu activity. The text option currently doesn't support Unicode such as other languages like Tiếng việt.

I'm hoping to be able to work on the pure functionality of the settings menu tomorrow and probably have resolution complete very soon, that or the display functionality such as fullscreen, windowed, and borderless.

Side note: I did broadcast again today on TwitchTV for only about 1.5 hours due to family members requesting help for moving stuff. I plan on streaming tomorrow and hope to have it last a bit longer.
Also, speed improvements from Comcast.

Monday, March 26, 2018

UI/UX Development (pt. 3) [Day 79]

Day 79, settings menu filled and near completion.

+Added - UI assets
~Updated -  Settings menu
~Updated - settings menu Cancel icon

Today, a lot of functioning UI elements were added to the settings menu such as TextMeshPro drop-down menus and buttons. However, nothing is currently effective, in other terms, they don't apply to any actual changes. I'm going to need to do the programming portion of the settings menu and also learn to create PlayerPrefs so that graphics settings can be edited outside of the actual game in an unencrypted file. 

The second image is a screenshot of Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) which I use to broadcast on TwitchTV. So far I've been very consistent with TwitchTV broadcasting, streaming the game development process such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Visual Studio, and Unity Engine. 

I also want to create video blogs again, it'll require me to put some work in PSD graphics, and Premiere Pro video transitions.

Future changes I want to make is separating the main menu graphics into their own gameobjects. I also want to create fog particles for the main menu to give it greater aesthetic along with adding animation to the monitor such as manipulated text appearing on the monitor.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

UI/UX Development (pt. 2) [Day 78]

Day 78, adjusting and adding, expanding User Interface.

+Added - Settings menu
+Added - Version ID
~Adjusted - Main menu asset sizing
~Updated - Splash screens now dolly in.

#Concept - Added buttons to settings Concept

From experimenting with the aspect ratios in the Unity editor, there are very strange stretching issues with smaller ratios, and with higher ratios such as 21:9 buttons are cut off at the bottom.

Upon implementing the settings interface, I noticed that in the concept I had not created anyway of returning from the settings menu. therefore I added the Cancel and Apply buttons. Currently, the Cancel button is just placeholder and I will be making its own button but there isn't anything to apply as there are no settings. 

Future updates to the main menu are likely to separate icons with individual SVG's and replace the text with TextMeshPro. 

I had updated the concept to include the two Cancel and apply buttons, however, you may notice the concept is a bit different than the actual settings menu. This is done to just the effect I created in Adobe Illustrator that I felt like sticking with, however, I am finding it a bit too dark and may make adjustments.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

UI/UX Development [Day 77]

Day 77, made some progress with Unity and Illustrator.

+Added - Splash screen
~Overhauled - Main menu
*Fixed - Anti-aliasing not working
*Fixed - 100% GPU usage and jitteriness. [Vsync re-enabled]

Here is a before and after look for the main menu for Game Industry Tycoon the after is much cleaner and simplified, I even had to remove a lot of code from the C# script for the new main menu.

Under the extras menu, I want to put things such as credits and perhaps social media, changelog, roadmap, etc. For the rest of the main menu, I believe I want to adjust a lot of sizes for things such as the bottom left branding, the title screen, and the buttons.

For concept art, I had removed the version number with an extras button which may be used to view the game version # along with possible performance or technical information.

Side note: I had streamed for nearly three hours tonight, got up to five viewers, and had a few people jump into chat, very nice. I want to stream more, obviously, it's very simple right now without family issues or any school going on right now. I also want to get some progress with video updates again, I haven't created one since day 31 and due to deleting the old preset and other assets I will need to re-create the whole video update setup with music, graphics, and video transitions.

Friday, March 23, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 11) [Day 76]

Day 76, made some advancements in UI and gameplay UI design.

+Added Computer UI - Concept A has been added to computerUI
~Updated HUD - Concept A of the HUD has added a pause, play, 2x, 3x

The gameplay menu takes inspiration from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain iDroid UI. Then upon looking at many other UI examples, I realized a lot of the tycoon and Simulation games have a speed bar. I'm not 100% sure I want to have the 2x or 3x speeds as I'd like to add micromanagement content for the player to get a more dense playing experience compared to other titles.

 With the gameplay menu, the three tabs I have are for projects, social, and business. I want projects to be the way the character can progress, social to be where the player can receive hints of their environment in their world such as demand, issues, etc. where the micromanagement may take place. 

With the general progress on this idea and all the planning, I really need to start executing on it in Unity as well as continue to concept UI and gameplay design.

Side note: I didn't fully stream the hours I wanted today, but I do have a Twitch schedule to hold myself accountable with time I may invest in developing. I streamed several hours of creatively constructing the idea for gameplay. Whilst it seems very little and near nothing, a lot of the creative behind is there with many UI examples in another PSD for me to gander through. I do have a stream scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dev-Management(pt. 8) [Day 75]

Day 75, tad unproductive today, the long game in play.

The first image shows the current artboards for concept A, to which I find the three on the left to be in good positions, the three in the middle to need a bit of work, and the three on the left I haven't even started.

The second image is the current streamlabs OBS setup with the borders being part of the streamlabs preview tab and not the actual stream preview. 

Side note: To this unproductive day, and holding myself accountable for persistent progression in this project's development I am making a promise for tomorrow. From 1 PM - 5 PM (4 hours) PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) I will be broadcasting the project's development on TwitchTV. This will take place on the creative section of Twitch which may feature, photoshop concept planning, Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator asset creation, Unity3D, and Visual Studio C# programming.

Post note: I had also made changes to the community discord for future members and a higher degree of professionalism. This is a discord anyone can join and talk about whatever, Tumblr posts do get alerted here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 10) [Day 74]

Day 74, a progressive day, but tiring

~Updated Character Creator - major UI changes and additions.

With this concept update, I had finally got to the character creator changes that I've been just saying I needed to do. Here I added elements for the new character creator such as skin color and hair color, this will require me to make changes to the assets so that they can be color changed.

 I think the character creator concept is in a spot where I don't need to prioritize it anymore compared to gameplay and other UI concepts. For the character creator, I partially used Metal Gear Survive as inspiration due to this being a 2D game and not being able to make something more ambitious like Black Desert Online

Side note: I have made updates to the streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) for near future Twitch broadcasting. Also added a schedule extension and set up my first date to be Saturday at 2PM PDT(Pacific Daylight Time).

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 9) [Day 73]

Day 73, back from small vacation, some good UI development

~Updated Setting - Major additions to concept A
~Updated HUD - Made revenue bars smaller

I'm taking a liking to the settings menu design, it lightens the selected tab, it's very simple with the options needed and I feel it takes the appropriate space for the small number of options. I did take a little inspiration from the Dota 2 settings menu but without nearly as many options.

The HUD I feel is nicer with the smaller bars but could probably use another concept to compare and contrast.

The character menu again needs some work for the background and then there are four more panels that need a concept such as the computer menus, character info, and more...

Side note: I'm going to need to create a new template system for video updates as I did not back those files up when upgrading my PC but now that I have a NAS it shouldn't be an issue in the future.
I'm also planning on streaming once life stuff calms down.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 8) [Day 72]

Day 72, somewhat productive, will be MIA next weekend.

+Added Concept A - Settings menu

The first thing to note about the current settings menu, it's coming from nothing, there is no placeholder for it so this would be its first version and its own placeholder. Something that I was taking into consideration with the settings menu is that there would basically be two versions, one in the main menu and one ingame. This one is designed with the intent to work with both but this one has the main menu background.

I'm also unsure about how many graphical options I will have and will likely need to learn playerprefs so graphical settings can be changed without launching the game at all, in case of whatever reason. Currently, the only ideas for graphical settings would be resolution and aspect ratio.
However, it does have me thinking of the other potentials such as framerate locks, possible shaders, particles, and subjective options.

For the sound I do want to have subjective options, meaning the player can use different audio the game has for what they believe would be much more fitting.

Side note: I won't be home over the weekend and will be with family using my camera, therefore I won't be making posts until around Monday or Tuesday.

UI/UX design (pt. 7) [Day 71]

Day 71, slow, but got something done at least.

~Updated Concept A - More HUD information
~Updated Concept A - More Character Creator UI functionality

These updates are to give the player more information through simplicity and also allowing for future proofing UI. 

I believe concept A for the HUD is at a good spot, I now need to work in other concepts that take inspiration from other titles and one I've been looking into the HUD for Saints Row, which means the use of circles over the cubic square design. 

Concept A for the Character creator needs to the heavy background and UI changes, for one there is a lot of blank space, everything is inside a dialog box that isn't being used for dialog. Next would be to change the return and next arrows into anything else, there for one in bad spots, and secondly not the best for the character creator.

Concept A board expansions will be the Settings menu, Gameplay menus, character info menus, and main menu extras option.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 6) [Day 70]

Day 70, more productive than recently, UI and investments.

+Added - SoundFX and ambient music
+Concept - Concept A created for the Main menu

Just like this set of UI, I take heavy inspiration from pre-existing examples. From this, I took heavy inspiration from Skyrim and Portal 2's main menu, whilst looking at more online titles like Dota 2, Rust, Siege, For Honor and I want to add more things such as a changelog, update feed, ect..

 I'm actually liking the simplistic nature of this main menu concept and will probably think about adding animation to make it more stylized such as a smoke or fog particle to give it atmosphere and detail along with possible text animation on the monitor.

Under the "Extras" button I'd place things such as credits, version #, and other extra info, perhaps social media n' stuff.

Here is me importing a ton of soundFX and ambient music I had purchased from the Unity asset store. This is a start as I am completely inexperienced with Foley, SFX, and music, this is something that in the future when I want more original sounds I'd hire a sound artist for that, if not, commission one. I think I will also add options in the settings such as what ambient music to play as it is subjective for what may be best.

Soon I'll be arranging for feedback on Concept A, polishing the concept and perhaps moving onto concept B for the HUD and other things. Concept A for the character creator is missing aspects such as a scroll bar along with unnecessary background box which should be replaced by something similar to the main menu.

UI/UX design (pt. 5) [Day 69]

Day 69, it has been a bit more productive, still being sidetracked.

+Concept A - Pause menu

This is a pause menu that I'm taking inspiration from Cities Skylines with the three top buttons. Because of the amount of extra space remaining I made the settings and exit button very large.

Then with the remaining space, I decided to put a version number to which I want to experiment with new values instead of day # as I have in the main menu. That value isn't the best due to version number changes without any actual differences between these.

I also want to experiment with fonts for any possible copyright or legal issues, I want to play it safe for things I don't fully understand and minimize risks for my financial future.

Later I want to create a concept for the settings menu, changes to the main menu, and create gameplay concepts. I would also like to live stream these but I'm more worried about the closing end of the quarter for college, got to make sure I pass all my classes.

Monday, March 12, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 4) [Day 68]

Day 68, Did some more concept A designing.

+Added concept A - for Character Creator

I have a generic UI idea for the character creator screen in upcoming versions but one major thing I want to overhaul is the background for it, space is taken up, and the buttons.

I'm also thinking about adding more customization for the head such as eyes, eyebrows, mouths, etc.
There are plenty of changes that need to be made with the character creator to make it a better experience but it's not of the highest priority right now.

I want to create changes to the character info screen, main menu, and computer screen.
I also want to develop concepts for the first versions of the settings menu and player menu.

Fewer pictures changes I want to make are with adding animations to the UI, creating animated shaders such as fog like the design similar to the data 2 main menu.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 3) [Day 67]

Day 67, continued development concepts of UI/UX

~~Added artboards

I currently am just working on creating the first concept "Concept A" for all the artboards. Concepts for all UI, which I believe to be a great improvement to the current HUD design, but this won't be the only shared idea, more to come later.

I also want to recreate the isometric assets with a more divisible ratio as the current isometric ratios are 53.125 to 100. I'd like to update these to something more reasonable such as 50 : 100 ratio. I would also like to recreate the placeholder gray room with textured vectors and more depth. 

With the character creator, I'm thinking of going with a design more like Metal Gear Survive where you click on the body part and are presented with a series of customizable options.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

[Day 65] + Dev-Management(pt. 7) [Day 66]

Day 65, no progress was made due to technical difficulties with my monitor, the screen wasn't receiving signal which I later fixed by switching from Display Port to a DVI port.

Day 66, Another dev-management day.

This is the current setup, there are still plenty of improvements I want to make that will require me to shop at IKEA. Such as a new dresser, a shelf above the monitors, rugs, all kinds of stuff.

Pictures are taken with the newly acquired Sony a6500. I plan on doing some photography with this camera, taking a photography class next quarter. Also possible projects with family members that want to create their own types of media. Along with this, there is potential for me to create video updates on development, updates on the dev management and more.

Now in the project what I need to accomplish right now is to a concept and plan out UI while it's simple. Simple in terms of photoshopping the concepts, there is no programming I need to do to create that. Everything I am working on is a learning experience, I want to invest more time in this project to create something unique, loved, inspiring, all at a low scope. I want this to be a product that I find myself wanting before anything else.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

UI/UX design (pt. 2) [Day 65]

Day 65, very stressful day with other responsibilities, but some progress in the least

~~Added Concept - concept A in photoshop for HUD

With this concept I took some insperation from Rust with the bottom right, instead of survival information I plaeced values such as Fans, money, and project completion. 

Next there is added information for the character, I had created this for intensions of progression such as the ability for the player to hire NPC's or perhaps other ideas that involve NPC's. Then there is the colored bar below the character, I want this to be an energy meter and create some kind of system that requires the character to need sleep and perhaps other systems.

I am design the photoshop file with the intension to have various concepts to keep innovating the design and gameplay. Something I need  to do is create boards in Photoshop so I can multiple scenes for seperate menus, but right now I'm focusing on the HUD.

I plan on having more HUD concepts along with expanding concepts to other menus.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Dev-Management(pt. 6) [Day 64]

Day 64, limited development, some progress.

More workspace upgrades came in today, I had set up the whiteboard and have already begun to use it for todo lists, other things I need to prioritize, and more.

I'm planning out UI changes to the game project and will be possibly Unity asset store shopping for background music and sound effects for good placeholders.

The main menu is in need of updates and added functionality, there is no settings menu at the moment. I will need to add more UI elements to other menus such as the pause menu, computer menu, and character info.

Monday, March 5, 2018

UI/UX design [Day 63]

Day 63, more of a planning day than an action one

~Updated -  Dev boart part 2

Not much, but it's a change. It's a bit difficult making gameplay mechanics without doing a lot of UI practice as the type of game is heavy UI reliant.

I'm looking into Microsoft fluent design system for inspiration along with many games I've played in the past. This is something that will likely need refining forever and constant adaptation to trends but it needs to be done.

Tonight and tomorrow I'll likely be working purely in adobe illustrator to concept UI/UX design and possibly sharing the idea through my Discord as well as the  Unity Discord, possibly even stream the process on TwitchTV. 

Animations are something I'll need to develop more of as there is just flashing light ones. The current UI is also heavily lacking color which I'm hoping to research UI/UX design theories, such as the flat design for the web.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Pre-gameplay development(pt. 6) [Day 62]

Day 62, getting some more gameplay development setup.

*Fixed - name changes in dev project.

This is a very minor update but something needed.

I'm going to be looking at games for UI inspiration such as Dota 2, For Honor, League of Legends, Game Dev Tycoon, Simcity, Cities Skylines and more to figure out how I can improve upon the current UI/UX.

Plus, I really need to get some core gameplay features planned out and developed for testing and prototyping. 

My dev-management items are coming on Tuesday, then I'm also looking into obtaining shelves from IKEA and possibly a new dresser, then plants from Lowes along with paint for an accent wall.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Last Minute-Dev [Day 61]

Day 61, last minute development, after doing some other stuff I shoved some time to work on the project.

+Added - Game title to other dev parts
^Encountered - Issue changing game title

From working on this, I've been really looking into other game UI to find inspiration of how to stylize the User interface. At the same time, I really need to get serious gameplay aspects developed to have some repeatative gameplay features in order to test and fine detail and improve upon aspects.

 I need to develop a settings menu, get some placeholder sound assets, and more animations. I'll perhaps redesign a lot of the current art assets with different ratios for the isometric view as it's currently at a very strange number.

Good news, the streaming application Streamlabs OBS is now completed supported on discord to allow for automatic streamer mode. This will be helpful for creating streams in the near future.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Dev-Preventions [Day 60]

Day 60, wanting to work on the project but current uncontrolled external stressors are prevent this.

I'm hoping to have progress tomorrow, I got Unity3d running fine today, along with dev management items ordered tonigh. Stay in touch with the dev updates for hopefully tomorrow.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dev-Management(pt. 5) [Day 59]

Day 59, stressful family stuff, school, and workspace management

~~Dev-Management day - indirect development

Looking at potentially place a whiteboard near where I sit, low enough to be used from the chair. This would be intended to brainstorm ideas along with prioritizing developments.

Plans for other workspace improvements:
-Double L shelf, for speakers, plant, and other small items
-New dresser, mostly aesthetic reasons
-Accent wall paint, mostly aesthetic reasons
-Cable sleeving, aesthetic & cable management
-Cable outlet box, aesthetic, protection

Dev-backup planning:
For this, I'm thinking about not only continuously backing up my ProjectFiles folder with my NAS, but perhaps saving folders of previous versions, in case something major happens I need to revert back to a previous build. 

 QA(Quality Assurance) planning:
This is something that I don't think will be all that useful as the project doesn't really have any gameplay mechanics from where it stands at the moment.

Twitch Creative streams:
Something I plan to continue in the near future, I find it to be an amazing experience and I love doing it. Only issues currently are with my real-world environment, maybe a little dramatic. Then with time, I have other things such as school to think about.