Sunday, April 29, 2018

Streamed Development [Day 104]

Day 104, broadcasted development on Twitch before getting too hungry and going to Taco Bell

+Added - monitor animation
+Added - develop button (de)activation
+Added - toggled sprint movement

+Added - character freeze state when developing
+Added - minimize return hud button
+Added - computer ui minimize button
*Fixed - design stage not resetting
*Fixed - header text color turning white on reset

Quite a lovely change log to see showing a lot of development, this was mostly done in the 1.5 hour broadcast, but I also made some changes prior to the stream. I'm getting closer to having a playable state for the game and hope to gain feedback. 

Feedback from the broadcast seems to be mostly art related with the absence of animation and customizability, but I really want to get the first prototype of gameplay to have something for players to mess with.

Side note: The blogpost came out really late, I got pretty tired and slept a lot longer than expected. For broadcasting I received some new equipment to improve video quality an will be the greenscreen on Monday.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Short development(pt. 2) [Day 103]

Day 103, made some more developments in other areas

+Added - dev stage button animation content
+Added - plan / design stage text color changes
+Added - button hover sfx in main menu
+Added - button click sfx in main menu

Something I want to start learning for game development is instantiating, creating more dynamic systems and building UI with it, to create less static and copy/paste development.

For gameplay what I'm thinking about doing for the first prototype is make it similar to other tycoon games with the simplistic idle style. Essentially what I'll create is after the develop animation goes through, then a minimization animation will take place showing the character working on the computer with the option to pull up the development screen again. This seems like a good plan while I plan and develop other feature but at the same time have some level of playability to grow interest and receive feedback.

The main menu now has sounds for the basic menu, other things like settings menu, extras, and more do not have these sound effects at the moment. I'm also looking into other isometric character designs for inspiration and may redo the character creator screen soon along with other character menu changes.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Short development [Day 102]

Day 102, kind of an unexcusable lazy day, but I got something done

+Added - Character HUD
+Added - Character name above head

This update is a change I pulled out last minute when browsing photography lights for greenscreens. However, it's way past overdue for how simple it was to add and I want to continue working on more improvements such as replacing the character menu with tabs and RPG elements.

The character has to be completely replaced with a new art style for isometric design. I find it very odd that the character is looking at the top corner of the room and not down or towards a wall. The character creator also needs replacements mostly with UI. I also really want to replace this placeholder room and other assets. The isometric values are at a 100 : 53.125 ratio, which is just very strange. This was due to early developments with the room, which I copied all designs with the placeholder room.

The biggest feature that needs to come, functional gameplay. I really really need to complete this, hopefully, in the near future, I do some extreme time sync live stream, something like 24 hours to really catch up on lost time.

Side note: Greenscreen is coming on Monday, looking into lighting equipment.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dark development [Day 101]

Day 101, made some fixes to animations

*Fixed - Animation replaying twice
*Fixed - Not being to click Doc when switching tabs

I call the update dark development, because of the "progress" that goes unseen. I do multiple revisions, tuning, and fixes to things before I even post them on here. On top of that, there are many other under the hood development aspects such as the code, art modules such as animation, and more that aren't really noticeable in an update, but it is work I have completed just not impersonal. 

I'm kind of getting an idea of what I want to make with this, perhaps a Quicktime system, or idle, I'm not quite sure. All I need to do though is have something complete, and come back later to redo, revise, improve, etc... and not really worry about it right now.

Side note: Have some more English due the next day homework :/ and helping my cousin move out.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Finally, another update(pt. 2) [Day 100]

Day 100, small update for today and wow 100 days.

+Added - dev stage button
+Added - dev stage button animation
~Updated - dev stage animation

Tonight was more of an animation learning experience, with the animator, the node type tool that allows for many animations to sync with one another. I'm currently focused on getting things finished and not working towards learning the most efficient Unity workflow. This first gameplay prototype is coming out very slowly but it's hopefully going to be enjoyable.

On other notes, I want to get much more drastic and large changes coming, a lot of the UI overhauls have felt really rewarding and I want to continue that. So far what I find to be the most disgusting thing is the character creator, it's lacking so much content and is using far too many placeholder assets. This will require complete re-creation of character assets as well the character creator scene. 

Side note: Have been taking a lot of pictures with my camera and for my photography class, check them out on Instagram, @gmangavin1

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Finally, another update [Day 99]

Day 99, I got a break from college homework, at least for tonight.

+Added - Dev stage content
+Added - Dev stage animation
*Fixed - Plan stage input closing menu upon pressing "F"

I've been trying to create a nicer experience by adding animations, one of the most requested improvements. There is still something practical that came from this, it gives me ideas of how I may want to create the first prototype of a development stage. This was created using existing assets that I have created for other UI elements, it also gives me ideas on a more efficient workflow.

Something I want to do is work on more UI consistency, and probably lock some of the plan stage buttons due to the lack of actual content. It doesn't make much sense to create an FPS distribution platform that is Text-based O_O

Side note: College is being a little annoying, but photography has been interesting. I hope I can work a lot more on the project during the spring quarter, it really depends on what the instructor give me to work on. These quarter are around 11 weeks long and I'm on week four, so in a couple months I'll have a lot of free time to work on the project.

Friday, April 20, 2018

College difficulties [Day 98]

Day 98, I've been off for a few days mostly trying to meet deadlines for assignments

+Added - main menu ui monitor animation
+Added - SVG assets
*Fixed - computer ui input text not resetting on cancel

This is an animation I created with SVG assets from Adobe Illustrator, I would create them on top of the monitor screen in illustrator and then when I go to export I delete everything else and export each bit separately. One thing I'm doing differently is building with fewer assets, this animation is created with only two SVGs one being the triangle and the other being the rectangle, I just duplicated the rectangle quite a few times.

The fix I had done in this update, being the input field value reset, took some time to actually figure out. I knew how to obtain information for a users input simply by taking the text value of what was inputted. However, upon trying to change that value, I found it kept resetting, the value was being stored in another area and that I had to figure out. 

Side note: I'm going to a small event tomorrow, might have friends over and am receiving some new camera gear. Inactivity has been displeasing, I really want to continue the tradition of working on the project every single day, but these classes are tossing so many assignments that need to be completed immediately.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Return with cold (pt. 3) [Day 97]

Day 97, more of a simple and short development day

+Added - pause menu ui animations [Save, Load, Resume]
+Added - pause menu ui design consistancy [Saves, Loads] 
~Updated - string values for development stage
*Fixed - pause menu ui animation color not resetting after click

I was hoping to get to some more gameplay development today but I did not sleep well and was not willing to put the brain activity in to think of gameplay advancements. Instead though, being that I want to make daily advancements in the project's development, I added some more animations and made the pause menu more consistent in design.

Hopefully, I get over this called soon and don't have much school work to do shortly.

 Thoughts on the new character design are to build assets without shadows and have those as separate SVG's. Also with character direction, I'm thinking of building three directions, one for moving up, another for moving down, and a third for moving sideways that will flip depending on the direction. I'm still unsure how exactly I'd like these assets to look, I suppose I will need to make a few concepts in photoshop before I can make a decision.

Side note: I have ordered a green screen today off of Amazon, shipping date is unknown according to Amazon but will likely be sometime this week.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Return with cold(pt. 2) [Day 96]

Day 96, more gameplay advancements and animation

+Added - computer ui design stage functionality
+Added - Resume button animation
~Updated - Resume button assets

Animations are one of the most asked things I get when in development for some reason. It's actually the only requested and asked about the thing so far, though I'll still work on prototyping my first playable chunk it's definitely nice to ease the mind by working on other parts to the project. 

I got some functionality with the second stage [Design] which is essentially a copy and paste of the planning stage but with new lists and other elements. Perhaps tomorrow I can get these placeholder menus finished for prototype sense. I may also work on some more animations tomorrow as there are nice touches and kind of simple to work on. I'll also looking into SVG importer effects and see what I may be able to come up with.

 More changes to come soon would be a character asset revamp, a new character creator, new room, more room assets, pause menu design changes, added animation, and audio (SFX/Music).

Return with cold [Day 95]

Day 95, took a small unscheduled break and somehow caught a cold

+Added -  Development stages [ Develop & Publish ]
+Added - Design stage content

#Organized - I did some code organization and commenting
#Management - Performed network & room aesthetic changes

Getting back in the daily progress of game development, and still really need to get my first prototype of gameplay. With itchio actually obtaining download that I was not expecting, I realize that my project being in the Tycoon market might be something pretty good in terms of a business standpoint.

Other priority changes I want to do is add some polish to the main menu, create animations for the title screen, and add more sound design. I would like to also simplify the pause menus such as the save and load systems to be more integrated. 

Art needs would be remaking the placeholder room and recreating the character design system. The character design is going to take some time with research and concepting to how I may want to actually design all the character assets in the future.

Side note: My next management will likely be something for future twitch streams which is more likely to be a green screen.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Gameplay advancements (pt. 5) [Day 94]

Day 94, making up for the 93rd days lost progress

+Added - computer ui button functionality
+Added - computer ui (planning stage) options
+Added - computer ui saved choices
+Added - header for each menu
~Tweaked - title screen graphic location / size

The first video is of some difficulties I ran into while developing today, this is the second chunk of code I had to rewrite and have function in another way due to the build working differently than the editor.

Anyways, I felt I made a lot of progress today with the programming learning excercise that will be reference to future development. I'm going to need to learn to instatiate and create dynamic system, for one, keeping a clean development environment, and secondly, allowing for larger quanitities of features.

My main priority right now is to get a functional prototype for gameplay. I'm hoping this will help give the game more attension from sites like and drive traffic to my Discord and Twitch channel.

There are still many art assets I'd like to improve and features I'd like to rework such as the character creator and sub pause menus. I'm planning that the more I learn and experience, the simplier development becomes and therefore causing an increase in development speed.

Side note: Got some paint today for work environment asthetic, Ikea will likely come much later.

Gameplay advancements (pt. 4) [Day 93]

Day 93, a little late to developing tonight

+Added - Computer UI button functionality
+Added - Project, Compatibility, and technology options
~Tweaked - Title screen graphic location/size

There is still a lot I want to complete for this system. Right now I'm working towards what happens after the user chooses an option, it currently redisplays the main planning stage with the sub stage overlaying on top of it.

In other developments, I want to complete the settings menu in the main menu and figure out of how I'll be importing it into another scene such as the game. I also want remake the character creator, mostly for UI reasons, but also for more creation options such as skin tones, genders, and clothing.

I haven't even completed adding in all the HUD concept such as the character name, and energy status. Other UI elements I still have plans on actually remaking such as a lot of the pause menu buttons so that they can be layered and therefore able to make simple animations. 

I also have plenty of audio assets which I purchased off the asset store a while ago that I'd like to implement. Although I'll need to learn to script specific sound effects such as on buttons but due to the level up sound effects, I'd like to make a leveling system as fast as possible and get those implemented.

Monday, April 9, 2018

UI/UX Development (pt. 10) [Day 92]

Day 92, Audio, UI, and gameplay advancements

+Added - main menu audio
+Added - computer ui (plan stage)
+Added - computer ui (exit)
+Added - settings menu ui (sound bar)

 Made some small progress today, managed to fill up the settings menu a bit, yet more unfunctional content. I'm planning on changing that, however, with an audio manager script to allow the user to change their volume as suited. I have added audio to just the main menu, loopable too, and I think it sounds nice, but I am looking at possibly adding a "subjective" tab in the sound settings to allow the user to change the main menu sound.

Progress has been made on the Development stage, specifically planning. When it comes to choosing options for the planning stages I am looking into making a cleaner hierarchy through C# scripts instead of a tedious action of copy and pasting a bunch of buttons. This is going to be another learning exercise that I must do, and by figuring this out, I will have information on how to work on the character creator rework.

 Side note: probably IKEA tomorrow, and busy with school work.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

UI/UX Development (pt. 9) [Day 91]

Day 91, made improvements to ui and more dark work

+Added - ui assets
+Added - new fonts
+Added - computer ui functionality (new project)
~Overhauled - pause menu UI
~Tweaked - hud text location - page created

I find the new pause menu to be a much nicer look compared to the original pause menu. Although I think it could still use some improvements such as the icons. It might be nice to have the save and load slots work on a similar design.

Some more backend work was also made for the gameplay programming, it requires some planning and ui asset creation to continue at this point.

The character creator is the last major rework that needs to be done along with a lot of SVG assets to have variation in character design. This will also require that I remake old assets, however, I first want to look at possible new character perspective design as the character looks directly at the camera or at the ground with the current assets.

Side note: I now have an itchio page with the google drive download link. I'm probably going to IKEA tomorrow as well to improve my current environment aesthetic.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gameplay advancements (pt. 3) [Day 90]

Day 90, made some UI changes and added more functionality

+Added - settings menu tab functionality
+Added - computer menu tab functionality
~Tweaked - button coloring
~Tweaked - project button font sizing + Bolding
*Fixed - Credits functioning as Continue

These updates are actually very simplified compared to the amount of tweaking I had put on them. This includes me have to redo some code and commit to some scene management in order to manage the new content. In other words, there is "Dark work" happening behind the scenes. 

Now when the user clicks the power icon in the main menu they will be presented with a menu that asks if they would like to proceed instead of instantly exiting. Also with today's development is the beginning of the functional tab system which is needed before proceeding into some more in-depth gameplay features.

What I need to continue to work on is the gameplay, what happens when the user clicks on "New Project". So far I have planned 3 stages, Planning -> Design -> Developing -> Publishing. The tricky part is how gameplay will work in the developing stage, what I can do to keep playing engagement.

For more polish what I really want to do is add some void filler, such as fog in the main menu and some animations. The stats button still isn't functional and the key/sound settings still have no functionality. I really need to rework the character creator along with creating a new pause screen similar to the concept I have created for it.

Side note: Due to my streaming uptime lately I've actually been completing some TwitchTV achievements along with a little bit of viewer growth. I'm planning on managing my workspace a bit more very soon with an Elgato greenscreen and camera capture USB, but this will require that I acquire a wall shelf soon.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Gameplay advancements (pt. 2) [Day 89]

Day 89, heavy GUI improvements along with gameplay progress

 +Added - computer menu assets
~Improved - HUD aspect responsiveness

The first image displays the new computer menu system, so far gui anchor scaling and SVG assets have been made for it, there is yet to be any actual functionality.

The second image is displaying the hud in an ultrawide aspect ratio with a higher resolution, for some reason this seems to cause the text to move to the right a bit, this can also be seen in the 3rd image which is rendered in 4k resolution.

The changelog seems a little small and that's because of the quantity of assets that were put in. 

I'm hoping to get a prototype created by the end of day 90 to which can be tested and improved upon.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Gameplay advancements [Day 88]

Day 88, started working on advancing the project to have gameplay

*Fixed - F to return from Devscreen not working

More "Dark work" had taken place compared to actual gameplay development. I worked on reorganizing a lot of the scripts in folders with changed names and moved scripts between objects to help with future development and testing. 

All of the UI is now under one empty object, along with the HUD being separated from the pause menu, this, however, may cause issues that I may be unaware of.  Along with these changes were some code cleanup, a change that needed to happen for some time now.

Future plans for the project is to create the first playable prototype and heavily change and refine it from there. I always plan on replacing a lot of the current assets as well as making a lot more. The character creator and pause menu are still planned for major overhauls. I always want to have more polish in the main menu such as animations and particles along with a save system for the settings menu.

Side note: streams are back up!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

UI Fixing [Day 87]

Day 87, slow and very tiring

*Fixed - UI scaling in the character creator

 These pictures are taken in a 21:9 aspect ratio.

This is still using the old character creator which is in need of a major UI and functionality overhaul soon, but first on the priority list is making a gameplay prototype to be tested and critiqued.

The character creator overhaul will require me to remake assets and drive up my adobe illustrator production and templates. I will need to make all skin a base color for a functional skin color selector along with recreating the attribute menu after.

Not much has been changed for the gameplay concepts but I did pull a friend into the project as a Creative designer associate to help create a focus on gameplay development and have the constant critique. What needs to happen is more UI assets created in Illustrator before I can begin scripting its functionality.

UI/UX Development (pt. 8) [Day 86]

Day 86, made some last hour progress.

+Added - New computer panel image
~Updated - Version ID text effects / font
*Fixed - Settings menu aspect scaling
*Fixed -  HUD aspect scaling

 Today was a bit distracting with school and home management but I have been working on planning out the full vision for how I would like to prototype the gameplay as. I really want to get a game prototype out to either reimplement, revise, innovate, or polish it after receiving input.

I have people that are capable of testing out the gameplay features, it just needs actually gameplay instead of this tech demo that can be improved dramatically just by looking at it. I've been writing out gameplay concepts via google docs to critically think of what gameplay will look like and it's helping dramatically. 

The first step was to get this panel outline before I create SVG assets for panels the user can go through.These will include the developer panel, social panel, and the business panel. The developer panel will be the first panel the user will use to create a new product. I have an intro to this design written down, but I still have to figure out how I want to implement the development stage, how to use will interact, right now this is a cloudy thought and I'm trying to brainstorm an exact design.

Side note: I might be busy tomorrow with furniture, painting, and homework, but I don't know, maybe not.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Settings Additions [Day 85]

Day 85, added more functional aspect ratios and resolutions.

+Added - 3 more functional aspect ratios
*Fixed - Default settings not defaulting therefor unfunctional

Was a bit busy today but got something done, I had fixed the resolution options issue earlier today but wanted to have some more progress in a day than just that small fix.

 Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get to doing some reworks for gameplay and adding a lot of game functionality instead of this tech demo that I have going on right now. I'm going to have to work on creating some plans to have a real fixed vision of what I'm trying to create, I'm planning on making a shippable product between day 180 and 540 so I have a lot to create, learn, and experiment with.

Side note: There may not be a stream for the next couple days, but there could be, just unlikely.

Monday, April 2, 2018

UI/UX Development (pt. 7) [Day 84]

Day 84, Created more settings menu functionality

+Added - Aspect ratio box functionality (21:9 & 16:9)
+Added - 21:9 Resolution options
+Added - Fullscreen and windowed functionality

It was a bit slow today for development due to it being a holiday (Easter & April Fools) but I at least managed to make some progress. There are going to need to be a few more things I add to the options menu and some stuff that'll need to be ironed out but I really want to focus on prototyping some actual gameplay to be tested.

 UI reworks need to be brought to the computer menu, character creator, and character profile.

Art assets that need to be created are the complete overhaul of the current placeholder assets, more character creator options, more environmental objects, vector textures, animatable layers, and much more... Also, I do have sound assets, I'll just need to figure out how to implement them and get more functionality in the settings menu to have volume sliders.

Side note: No video dev update or livestream today, was out on holiday.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

UI/UX Development (pt. 6) [Day 83]

Day 83, continued development of User Interface / User Experience.

+Added - Ultrawide support
~Updated - Main menu for scalability

I got some activity in the QA discussion chat in my discord server and one thing that was brought to my attention was how ultrawide would actually clip out UI elements which I have addressed today which also improves smaller aspect ratios with the new main menu assets. This will also help for scaling as each graphic is an independent SVG now in the Unity hierarchy. 

The next step is to add resolution options for the different aspect ratios which I'll probably go by a case system again. Switch being aspectRatio and then make switches for the resolution options too. I also need to develop a JSON save and load system to save and load the user's settings, these currently reset each time the application is opened. 

I also got adobe premiere setup with some graphics for video updates as well to show off aspects that may be difficult with static images.