Saturday, June 30, 2018

Summer Development (pt. 3) [Day 123]

Day 123, a lot of minor changes, cleanup, and fixes

~Reworked - character info menu
~Updated - character menu now pauses the game
~Updated - canvas scaling for better widescreen support
~Updated - 4 speeds aspect ratio scaling
~Updated - unity engine from .4f1 -> .6f1
~Adjusted - script game object placement
*Fixed - character menu being able to open when in computer ui
*Fixed - 4 speeds off center
-Removed - old menus that have been replaced
-Removed - empty game objects with hierarchy re-organization

A lot of the changes here are very minor such as adjustments but the main point is the character info menu. Through some testing there are a lot more polish adjustments I will need to make to the core UI such as the '4 speeds' hud scaling, the main bar scales ok but the buttons don't, they do not scale with size and this will need to be adjusted soon.

There was a lot of dark development or under the hood progress that I had made mostly in helping organize the project for productivity. I hope to keep up with these large changelogs and make a lot of progress but I'm going to need to experiment a whole lot and rework some older assets that I had made without knowledge I have now.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer Development (pt. 2) [Day 122]

Day 122, made progress towards gameplay and progression.

+Added - xp plus icon
+Added - xp plus animation
+Added - xp +1 rng (33% / 3 secs)
+Added - xp progression system

An update that finally brings progress towards gameplay mechanics with the first part of an experience gain system. This system uses Unity random number generator tied to Unity delta time, aka time it takes to render between each frame giving a smooth RNG experience no matter the computers framerate. Every 3 seconds in 1x speed will give a random 33% chance of obtaining a 1 in 4 different types of colors.

The next part of this update is to work on the User Info screen that will display user info along with progress and optional progression patterns such as skill points etc... I'm thinking of making a leveling system similar to Skyrim in that independent levels will affect your overall level. I have a graphic and sound effect in mind for this part but I will also need to work on giving actual xp and deciding what color I want to represent what.

I also have plans on reworking the Extras menu within the main menu again to create something more rich, detailed, and smooth than the current text-based one.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Summer Development [Day 121]

Day 121, a much larger changelog -- satisfying 

+Added - reset alert message box 
~Updated - 'prev. project' button to be disabled by default.
~Adjusted - computer ui, button placements
~Adjusted - computer ui, publish stage button placement
~Adjusted - '4 speeds' hud size
*Fixed - settings menu in main menu not loading
*Fixed - progress not resetting from upon reset

I had made a few adjustments to a lot of the user interface and it has a long way to go to be truly great, subjectively speaking. I want to continue improving with these, adding animation, in-engine modifications and more. Right now it is a lot of experimenting and researching other projects for inspiration of what makes UI good.

I still want to remake the character design but first I need to figure out how I want the characters to be designed of and for. There are two ways I'm thinking of tackling isometric view for the design but on top of that is the limitation of creating SVG / mesh assets and lack of artistic skills. I will have to find a simplistic stylized art style to make the design around.

I've also continued to promise gameplay first, gameplay first, that is part of the reason I had adjusted the UI a bit to make way for future gameplay mechanics and some actual progression. I want to setup xp gain and money costs first, hopefully in the next blog update.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Post-Grad (pt. 3) [Day 120]

Day 120, finally got the settings menu function in game and not just the main menu.

+Added - settings menu to pause menu
~Updated - monitor animation to stop upon 'project' completion
~Updated - doc animation to not reset on 'project' completion

I finally got around to adding the settings menu to the ingame pause menu with all the same functionality. Other changes are minor ones adjusting animations to be a bit more seamless and also give more feedback once the user's project percentage reaches 100%

I will need to focus on more aesthetic changes and mainly character redesigns. I'll need to fill up space with a lot more decorative assets such as rugs, night stands, lights, bed, etc.... I may also want to create some sort of shadow shading system to give the project a bit more depth in design.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Post-Grad (pt. 2) [Day 119]

Day 119, made some small aesthetic changes

~Updated - computer object asset.
~Adjusted - speeds hud ui placement.

The speeds hud was adjusted down a bit to hud some of the outlined border of the asset. The keyboard and mouse have been updated to include a little more definition along with the mouse being spaced out a tad to be more visible.

I had spent a bit of time working on character redesigns but the difficult part isn't producing quantities of assets, it's figuring out what kind of design I want to pursue. The current idea for characters is that I will need to create a '[facing down], [facing left/right], [facing up]' design. However, I may have to create a '[Down - Left/ Right], [Up - Left/Right] design instead. I'm really unsure due to a very little amount of 2D isometric products with character movement released.

With a character redesign, I will be able to create many more animation that are currently impossible with the limited amount of asset separation including things aspects such as arm movement and leg movement. 

Side note: I really don't have an excuse to not livestream tomorrow.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Post-Grad [Day 118]

Day 118, is actually two days spread a week apart

+Added - button sound to return in extras
+Added - keyboard hotkeys for game speed
+Added - speeds hud color separation and disabling
~Updated - computer ui text
*Fixed - speed hud not updating with speed changes

Day 118 was actually around 5 to 6 days ago but I didn't make a blog post so this is also "day 118". A lot of development effort went into learning Adobe's extendscript, something I find to have very annoying documentation, still a lot of guesswork. The intent was to create a script that could export each layer as a separate SVG asset which from a random occurrence inside illustrator I found a function near the layers panel to do just that.

Re-imported the speeds hud panel having the buttons as separate assets allowing me to create specific colors for each button and having the assets change color rather than a box. I think I will soon be working on character assets inside illustrator spending a lot of time creating a common design I want to work with.

Side note: Schools out, finished the graduation walk, will have plenty of time to work on the project. However, there are family events practically all week for birthdays and such so not sure I will have all that much time. Expect more live streams, HOPEFULLY!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Nearing graduation [Day 117]

Day 117, Finally a break from life and into development

+Added - sound  to more buttons in menu
+Added - resolution selection persistence
~Updated - settings menu text
~Updated - settings to load on startup

It was probably an hour of development today with some more non-gameplay related development but at least it was something. Added sound to the continue button when presented with the "Thanks for updating" screen or "Thanks for downloading".

I finally made some more improvements to the settings menu including the annoying list keeps saying you chose 1920x1080 each and every time. Now it will save what you selected and make the 1920x1080 option selectable when it isn't chosen.

Side note: Finally got back into the project development but I may have something over the weekend and am not sure how long it will be, or how many days. School is complete, no more assignments, a whole lot less of an excuse to not develop the project. Also got a new LED light that goes on top of the camera today.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Very close to graduation [Day 116]

Day 116, this is actually a couple night of short development

+Added - settings menu save to json file
~Updated - welcome/ welcome back message
~Updated - extras menu

*Fixed - Window mode not working

Minor touchups made to more polish the user interface such as the welcome and welcome back messages the user receives upon updating the client or having it installed for the first time.

The more interesting changes are a lot more technical, the windowed mode bug I've had for a couple versions of Unity, it appears the method I was using no longer worked -- through trial and error I found a new method which seems to work perfectly.

The other technical change is the settings menu can now be saved and into the games data file as "settings.json". The important aspect of having a json file type is so the user can edit attributes externally and not be forced to use the ingame system. The amount of data in the settings saves are quite limited. I will need to work on improving the settings menu with more functionality as well as some code clean up.

Side note: I'm on a new polyphasic sleep schedule with a new alarm app called "alarmy". I hope to make good progress with the new alarm aswell as keep a more persistent sleep schedule with the new times. School is reaching its end very soon with many final projects being turned in this week. 

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Nearing the end of Quarter (pt. 5) [Day 115]

Day 115, made some polish to the current gameplay

+Added - speed option in hud
*Fixed - percentage updates for integer amounts
*Fixed - random missing name issue in saves/loads

This new hud element allows the user to speed up gameplay, such as the inactive development process currently, now there is the option to double, triple, or even pause game speed. It's mostly just a placeholder while I continue to add content and features to the project.

I will need to make some more development with the character creator, hud, main menu, room assets, and more soon. I would like to add some ingame sounds besides just having audio in the main menu such as typing, ambient, etc... along with audio settings to adjust the user's preference for ambient music.

Some code was adjusted to help fix some dirty code which would at time skip due to an exception error such as in the percentage being shorter than the remove function and a strange issue with saves/loads.

Side note: I have done a livestream today, it went pretty good for just being an hour long. I have prom tomorrow, unsure of the progress I'll be able to make. I also have plenty of homework to commit to.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Nearing the end of Quarter (pt. 4) [Day 114]

Day 114, made some minor progress today -- essentially polish to the main menu

+ Added - welcome / welcome back dialog box
~ Reworked - exit dialog box

The dialog boxes could definitely use some more touches and be heavily improved but it has a concept of something I wanted to do with the main menu for a while.

The welcome/welcome back messages only open if you have updated or installed the game for the first time, else it will completely skip popping up. Along with this is a new exit dialog box making sure the user wants to exit, this is for ui consistency.

Other main menu adjustments I would like to commit are changes to the extras menu, adjustments to dialog box text, and perhaps some HTML parsing for version changelogs that get pulled from the tumblr. Bigger changes to gameplay are however much more important, I just keep doing small changes due to limiting the amount of time I spent on the project.

Side note: Just need to submit final quarter assignments, get instructor signatures, and other things to make sure I'm 100% going to graduate this year. It's very worrisome knowing that minor screw-ups could ruin the whole process and not have me graduate ontime.